I was born in Webster, raised in Garden City, spent a lot of my growing up years with family in Bristol, graduated high school in Clark, graduated college in Aberdeen, and since 1987 with my amazing wife, we have called Groton our forever earthly home. So, it is fair to say, Northeast South Dakota holds all that I am.

My dad, with my mom by his side, worked his entire life as a mechanic and in service to their local community. It was there, my brother, two sisters, and I worked with them and learned to have a heart of service for others. That time allowed us to hear stories of the joys and see the struggles that make up farm and ranch life.

In 1987, that heart of service led me to work as a Social Worker at our local nursing home in Groton for over 12 years. Every family I was blessed to get to know, either directly or indirectly, were connected to agriculture. It was there that I came to understand farming and ranching is not just a job, but rather, a wonderful way of life.

January of 2000 my journey led me to the insurance world, which has allowed me to help friends and neighbors protect this great life. Since that time, I have been given the chance to explain insurance options, so the people I serve can financially cover their needs and hopes.

My wife Patti and I have watched our hopes grow up, in our three daughters, our three great sons-in-law, and our 6 grandchildren. We enjoy volunteering to help local community groups, whose mission is also to make our world a little better.

2024 - As a new year begins, I am excited to start working with the good people at Groton Ag Partners, a group committed to helping protect our way of life.

I will always believe that if we do good, good will come back to us, so I look forward to fighting for the good things in this life with all of you!

Fight On! - Tom

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