Darcie Moody

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I started working with insurance in 2008.  My main roll in the office is keeping everything flowing. I take great pride in watching over our customers polices. I am the person that keeps all of the I's dotted and T's crossed. My dedicated work and organizational skill is what keeps our office moving forward. Utilizing my skill to look into the future to see what is going to affect our customers is what helps our office service our customers better

My goal for our agency is to build an organized flow of work that saves our customers time. I want our customers to know that when they call our office they can get answers in a timely manner. It is important to make sure the customers feel comfortable calling me and asking questions. I have a strong work ethic that shows customers I get things done in a timely manner because you as a producer have to much to risk by not understanding what you have bought and how your policy works. I am committed to take the time to service your crop insurance needs. I want you to have the best coverage for the best price so that you succeed in farming year after year.

I married my husband, Eric in 2005.  We are blessed with four wonderful children.  Karter is 9, the girls (yes twins) are 5, Mya and Maycee, and last is Keenan who is 3. As my job and four children keep me plenty busy I still find time to have fun.  I enjoy running, camping and following my kids around to all of their activities.  We currently live in Groton. Eric and I do our best to return home to my family farm when time allows. We both believe it installs a great value in our children. There is nothing better than having my son ride with me in a combine during harvest. Both of us enjoy helping on the farm and that is why I take such pride in what I do every day.

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